Welcome to the just write click blog. I’m Anne Gentle, and I have been blogging for my employer at BMC Software since 2005 on talk.bmc.com, but have since moved forward and wanted to continue blogging about technical writing, information architecture, topic authoring, social media, and other technologies that catch my eye.

About Anne Gentle

I’ve been a technical writer for over ten years, and I have acquired many interests in that time, including structured authoring, social media, XML models for software documentation such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), blogging, online user assistance, and writing in an Agile development environment. You can view my resume if you’d like to see my work history and experience.

I currently work as a senior technical writer at Advanced Solutions International, which provides management software for non-profits. The complete, upgradeable, web-based, not-for-profit business software system iMIS is their flagship product and I write end-user documentation for it using Author-it.

Selected writing samples

Article PDF for Building a DITA-Wiki hybridApril 2008 Article (PDF): Building a DITA-Wiki Hybrid

September 2007 Article (PDF): The “Quick Web” for Technical Documentation

September 2007 Article: Anne Gentle vs. JoAnn Hackos: Is there a Documentation Wiki in Your Future?

September 2007 Article:Using a Content Management System (CMS) for your STC community web site

June 2007 Article: Writing End-User Documentation in an Agile Development Environment

October 2004 Article: Integrating Partner Information Using XML and XSL

October 2000 Article (PDF): Evolution of Online Help

Selected podcasts with Anne

Podcast interview with Anne Gentle, information developer at BMC Software, Inc. on the Blogger podcast series at talk.bmc.com

Answering Tough Questions about Wikis – Interview with Anne Gentle on TechWriterVoices.com

Loving what I do

I currently work a flexible 30-hour work week to spend more time with my family and home, and I love it all. I have a lot of energy because these busy but balanced days fill me up rather than tire me out. Here’s a slideshow of pictures of me and the kids.
[rockyou id=80556994&w=426&h=319]

Please feel free to email me at annegentle at justwriteclick dot com.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Anne – following your post on Tom’s blog. I’d be happy to get together to discuss wiki’s and other emerging documentation technologies. Drop me an e-mail. – Alan

  2. Hi, Anne! We sure do miss you. Thanks for being such a wonderful writer and blogger on TalkBMC. Let me know if I need to do anything more for you in helping you transition your blog.



  3. Hi Anne, found your blog from Tom’s blogroll. You’ve been a technical writer for quite long. You’ve probably seen a lot of changes in how technical writing and documentation are done over the years. Look forward to reading more posts from your blog.

    I’m also a technical writer, in Shanghai.

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